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YOGA*returned to the Smithsonian March 9, 2019 



Therapeutic Yoga of Greater Washington and Virginia's Eastern Shore        

A note from the program director:  It is my heartfelt intention to bring the highest quality educational events onto the national stage. This is our second venture with the Smithsonian, the first was in 2014 with the Freer|Sackler Galleries when we presented YOGA: The Art and Science of Transformation. We are extremely grateful to the Smithsonian Associates for recognizing the value of this work, and for creating a spotlight for therapeutic yoga in their 2017 program on Saturday, March 25th.  Infinite gratitude is extended to each speaker, all of our partner and sponsoring organizations, the Roundtable presenters and everyone who has supported this dream of bringing "yoga as therapy" more clearly into public awareness.

Thank you for coming to our website ~ we hope that you will find these programs to be compelling and motivational, and that you will seek out qualified yoga teachers, therapeutic instructors and yoga therapists wherever you live. Please visit www.IAYT.org for more information about yoga therapy and therapeutic yoga, and to find a certified therapist who specializes in your specific needs.

Our sponsors are highlighted on the 2017 Symposium page ~ it is their individual strengths and confidence in this work, that makes it possible to create such programming. I hope that you will turn to them for your all of your yogic needs.

Also, we are eager to build a Physicians Advocacy Council for Yoga Therapy ~ if this resonates with you, please be in touch!

Please write if you have any questions,  lindalang@YogaAsLifestyleMedicine.com

                                                                                                       I shall be looking for YOU!!!

                                                                                                       Linda Lang, Therapeutic Yoga of Greater Washington

Bowing in the direction of each of our outstanding sponsors and partners, honoring their dedication to the world if yoga therapy:

Links to our partners' websites will be added soon, along with Round Table Discussion Group Leaders...stay tuned!

For now, take a deep breath, and then another...and what comes next, is simply the next breath....

This is yoga as lifestyle medicine: practicing as if our lives depend upon it...because they do