Welcome to Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine

Please "pardon our dust" ... and patiently await the posting of new schedules

  for the DC area and Virginia's Eastern Shore.....

we are updating and creating a more comprehensive website!!

This site is the creation of Linda Lang, home-made with the intention of providing the best

of therapeutic yogapractices through community classes, individual sessions,

retreats, symposia and seminars.

If this is your first visit, you may wish to wander through the site to learn about our symposium in March of 2017 ~  our speakers and presenters were (and continue to be!) fascinating, insightful and inspirational. You may download Sat Bir Khalsa's presentations, luxuriate in reading about the Round Table Discussions.

Do take a good, long look at our sponsors and partners: they represent the finest studios in the greater Washington area, regional, national and international yoga therapy associations, and outstanding vendors of yogic supplies, books, props and materials.

As we create our NEW website, celebrate with us, as we return to the Smithsonian Institution in November 2018 with a brand new all-day seminar on Healthy Aging and Living with Special Conditions.

Most remarkably, we have found a second home on Virginia's Eastern Shore, where we are creating a broad spectrum of community classes, offering private sessions and retreat opportunities.

Thank you for entering this sacred space, and for believing as I do,

in Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine

And practice, every day, as if your life depends upon it

... because, it does ...




Therapeutic Yoga of Greater Washington and Virginia's Eastern Shore